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Proposed Amendments to District Management Plan

The Clearwater Underground Water Conservation District (CUWCD) will hold a public hearing on the proposed adoption of amendments to the CUWCD’s Groundwater Management Plan on Wednesday, January 9, 2019, at 1:30 p.m. at the District office located at 700 Kennedy Court, Belton, Texas. The sole purpose of this minor amendment to our existing plan is to incorporate the language of the second round of joint planning by GMA8. All interested parties are invited to attend.

The proposed changes to the District Management Plan can be viewed here.
The DRAFT Agenda for the Public Hearing can be viewed here.

For more information about the public hearing or CUWCD
Contact: Dirk Aaron, General Manager, at 254-933-0120.

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Wallace M. Biskup Senior, Clearwater UWCD Vice President, Precinct 3 Director Resigns for Health Reasons

The Clearwater Board of Directors received official notice from board member, Wallace Biskup Sr., Board Vice President and Precinct 3 Director, that he is stepping down from the board effective October 10, 2018. Wallace delivered his letter of resignation to the District General Manager the morning of October 10, stating that due to his declining health he wishes to step down. For these very reasons he has not been able to attend board meetings these last few months. His fellow board members excepted his resignation with great sadness and wish him the very best as he and his family address his declining health.

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Clearwater UWCD Cancels General Election

Clearwater Underground Water Conservation District (CUWCD) on September 12th has formally canceled the called election for November 6, 2018 for district directors in precinct 2, 4 and at-large positions in accordance with Texas Election Law for political subdivisions.

Texas Election Laws address and provide CUWCD with the statutory authority per Sec. 2.052. for cancellation of elections by the district after having a formal certification of unopposed candidates. This was certified by the District General Manager in writing that all candidates are unopposed for election to each office (in other words, the outcome is already known due to the lack of opposition). Dirk Aaron, district general manager, as the districts authority for conducting the election per Texas Election Code as prescribed by the Texas Secretary of State.

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Bell County Water Symposium

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