District Adopts New Rules Changes

The Clearwater Underground Water Conservation District received public input on March 9, 2016 and after deliberation amended the district rules per the proposed amendments with the intention to implement changes to statutory law enacted in 2015 by the 84th Texas Legislature. These amendments address matters including:

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U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Research Permit – Annual Report 2015

After the designation of the Salado Springs complex as critical habitat for the Salado Salamander, a research permit was required to conduct tracer tests and install piezometers to study groundwater flow patterns in the complex. Ms. Stephanie Wong, a graduate student at Baylor University, spearheaded the permit application process on behalf of CUWCD, and a five-year research permit was awarded to CUWCD in February 2015.

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District Management Plan Renewal Complete

The District’s staff has completed the renewal of the required management plan. Our management plan satisfies the requirements of SB 1, SB 2, HB 1763, the statutory requirements of Texas Water Code (TWC) Chapter 36, and the rules and requirements of the TWDB.

CUWCD-DistrictManagementPlan-TWDB-CertificateCUWCD recognizes that the groundwater resources of Bell County and the Central Texas region are of vital importance and that local management provides essential localized leadership, local discernment, local accountability, based on local oversite, and local expert understanding of the resource. Preservation of this most valuable resource can be managed in a prudent and cost effective manner through education, cooperation, and developing a comprehensive understanding of the aquifers. The greatest threat to CUWCD in achieving its stated mission is the misunderstanding of the resource by elected officials, property owners, and water users. Scientific understanding can support localized management of the groundwater resources, if the district continues to invest in science based research to bolster understanding of local conditions. CUWCD’s management plan is intended to serve as a tool to focus the thoughts and actions of those given the responsibility for the execution of the District’s activities.

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